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Best Places for Scuba Diving

If you love scuba diving, this article is certainly perfect for you. There are various great places to scuba dive around the world, but why settle for mediocre ones when you are visit the best scuba diving spots? You can enjoy a fantastic, unforgettable scuba diving experience by visiting any of these scuba diving spots we are about to discuss in this part.

You can’t say you are an avid fan of scuba diving without first visiting Bonaire. Known as world’s best underwater museum, Bonaire is THE best scuba diving spot to visit in the world. It is situated in the mot eastern part of Leeward Islands in the southwest Caribbean, and it is actually the tip of a submerged mountain. Once you get to around 60 feet of depth, you will be amazed by the colorful coral and will soon find yourself surrounded by fish and other spectacular sea creatures. For better infos, search here http://www.lonelyplanet.com/

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is also a fantastic scuba diving spot, but to enjoy the best part of it you need to visit the Great Barrier Reef’s Lady Elliot Island. You wouldn’t believe the majestic views and underwater sceneries you get to enjoy at this scuba diving spot for sure.

Last but not least, we have the coral canyon in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean for those of you who want to enjoy some serious diving and adventures. The series of vertical walls that ring the three islands are certainly a must-see if you are a true diving fan.

Have You Ever Played Golf?

You want a different holiday? You want to try something new and interesting? Well, have you ever played golf?

There are a lot of interesting and affordable golf hotel deals in the United Kingdom, so why don’t you take advantage of some of them? You will not regret it at all. If you are afraid, because you have never tried golf before,  do not be! There will probably be a lot of people like you on the course.

And just to make things better you can check for some UK golf hotel which has other additional amenities and services, such as a SPA and wellness centre, an amusement park, or at least a swimming pool. It will be great if you find a room in such a hotel, because you will be able to take your wife and children with you. If there is only a golf course in the hotel, they will probably get bored, waiting for you all day to return from it. But with a SPA centre and an amusement park, they will have their time, as well. Your wife will be sipping cocktails by the pool, or while enjoying a massage, and your kids will be having fun in the pool or at the amusement park.

This will probably be your best family holiday. Moreover, you will learn how to play golf.

Enjoy your time!



You can start cost slicing with choosing travel deals to India that fit to your financial position. In times of trip operators, such holiday packages are respected as ‘Budget Vacation Tour Packages’. Under such packages, you are supplied with low-costing methods to relish the holidays. Flights to India stay moderately high-priced, but household air journey in India aren’t that expensive. Flights are similarly good choice to trip India, especially positions as an example Nainital, Darjiling and others. Budget holiday trip packages comprise registration in accelerate in 3 or 4 celebrity hotels, mid-day portion of food and evening serving of food, view glimpsing and other facilities.

Please don’t overlook the allowance trip packages are low costing travel deals to India, where you don’t have to reach a compromise with the “quality”. If you’re having a tricky time finding travel deals to India you aren’t alone. Most major global airlines are cashing in on the fact that India is a hot spot for holiday makers from Europe and American and will only occasionally if ever, offer inexpensive global flights to India.

Are you able to depend on getting a deal at the last minute? With costs going up for all the global airlines, it appears the odds of getting travel deals to India at the very end are terribly slim. There are lots of reduced cost, no frills airlines around the planet. they usually operate in a stated area and seldom travel between continents.

This suggests that even if you can’t find travel deals to India, you can still avail of reasonable prices on domestic flights between the towns of the same country. So if India is on your travel itinerary, you must note that there are six airlines provide reduced cost competing flights to India, so you can get travel deals to India which makes your journey remarkable.

Vacation in Oahu

Oahu is a place situated in the Hawaii belt of islands and is home to some of the best hotels, adventure sport activities and it also boasts of a very good settlement of shops that cater to the shopping fantasies of all. Royal palaces, museums, rustics own settings and beach fronts is all what Oahu is all about. You can look up Oahu travel information logs as well as articles and notes pertaining to travel deals to Oahu by entering a simple search query in Google.

While planning your trip to Oahu you will need to take the following aspects into consideration like:

Accommodation: this aspect has a lot for the traveler to choose, right from cottage settings to exquisite beach front resorts.

Transport and passport details: transport is not a very big issue as getting around in Oahu is a very relaxing and enjoying pastime. Passports queries can be found out at your local tours and travel agency.

Attractions: scuba diving, ATV’s, sightseeing and a host of other adventure activities are waiting for those who are willing to make the trip to this location.

Once you are done with your travel plans after having a good look at the various options available entered under the title Oahu travel information you can set out to enjoy the white sand beaches and the nightlife of Oahu.

Venice Top 6 Perfect Family Holiday Destinations In Rome

. Venice is a cultural and sophisticated city within the center of Europe.
. The city is one of the most popular family holiday destinations in the world.
. The island city is intersected by canals and water ways that make up the city’s main transportation means.
. Visitors travel on the canals and waterways admiring the beautiful architecture of the city.
. The city can also be explored on foot as most of the famous destinations are within a walking distance.
. The Venice’s top 6 perfect family holiday destinations in Rome are described as follows.

Piazza San Marco.
. This is the Venice’s largest square and the main meeting place in the city.
. The family holiday destination is dominated by the Doge’s Palace, the Basilica of San Marco, the Procuratie Vecchie and Nuove.
. The square is lined by shops, cafes and numerous museums.
. It’s the best place to view the sea and the city’s glorious architecture.
. Venetian pigeons found in Piazza San Marco are also a major attraction in the place.
. A famous bridge known as Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge’s Palace with the neighboring areas like Rome and Florence.

Piazza San Marco

Grand Canal.
. This is the largest canal in Venice city with famous building on its banks.
. The canal is 3km long and 70m wide and is crossed by bridges such as Rialto, Scalzi and Accademia.
. Some famous buildings located on its banks include the Santa Maria Della Salute baroque church and the Accademia Gallery.
. The Grassi and the Ca’d'Oro, Grimani and Corner-Spinelli are also situated on the canal’s banks.
. Visitors travel through the canal by vaporetto, water taxis or gondola ride that provides a memorable experience.

Riva Degli Schiavoni.
. This is the Venice’s most lively waterfront area, always crowded by visitor’s.
. The family holiday destination is situated between the Arsenale and the Doge’s Palace.
. It’s lined with market stalls that sell a variety of pastries, snacks, confections and plenty of souvenirs.
. The promenade is also lined with hotels, bars, restaurants and historic buildings.
. Some attractions in Riva Degli Schiavoni include the Vittorio Emmanuele II Monument and the La Pieta church.
. Tourists visit this place to view the San Giorgio Maggiore Island which is a cultural center with magnificent architecture.

. This is a 12-km long sandbar island that is home to more than 30,000 residents.
. It’s a summer playground with exclusive hotels that favour family holidays.
. The island is the home of the Venice Film festival that takes place annually, each September.
. It attracts tourists with its numerous public and private beaches and a golf course.
. There are restaurants and shops in the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elistabetta where visitors can shop and eat a variety of foods.

Asernale de Venezia.
. This is the Venice’s technology center and naval base, originally the world’s largest shipyard.
. The 32-ha family holiday destination has a stunning destination.
. The main tourist attractions in the place are the Porta Magna and lion statues.
. Asernale de Venezia attracts tourists with its stunning exhibitions.

Asernale de Venezia

. This a waterfront promenade with beautiful streets where people can do strolling.
. The family holiday destination is lined with notable monuments, buildings and restaurants.
. Most of these buildings feature attractive paintings of 55 saints done in 18th century.
. The peaceful destination attracts tourists majorly from the neighboring European contries and the UK.
. Tourists from UK get any travel assistance they need through the flight information UK before visiting the Venice’s holiday destination.


Things To Consider When Choosing UK Airport Parking

When thinking about parking your vehicle at any UK airport terminal you have to be conscious of the possible issues when reaching for your wallet.  Nowadays as part of your travel routine you should check and compare your options. By evaluating vehicle parks you are able to usually find a very good cost, but in addition, you will get current info on such things as car park, safety measures, carpark location, bus transfer occasions and car park facilities. For many people it&rsquos not always about locating the least expensive car park, many people want the most convenience or even the very in-depth safety measures for instance, so a website which enables you to definitely compare many of these is an internet site that truly compares. Many of these things could make your traveling experience a great deal simpler, you just need a few moments homework.

Get sound advice when you are getting there.

It doesn’t finish there though… you must also consider what kind of arrival and departure methods you have to go though and this is exactly what some websites fail to show you. If you are parking your vehicle at Bristol Airport or Cardiff Airport for instance you’ll find yourself having a massive choice of different vehicle parks to select from and lots of them have different methods. As an example some need you to get to a reception desk, many others require you to make use of the charge card or debit card you employed for reserving online to go in the car park plus some really current vehicle parks now focus on a vehicle number plate recognition system.

There’s also the Park and fly options which usually need you to phone right before coming in the airport terminal as well as need you to phone again whenever you&rsquore just departing the luggage get area. So as you can tell it is important that after you book your airport car parking you get a site which not just compares the cost and security etc… but additionally ensures you receive the rest of the information to hands for example telephone amounts, addresses and arrival and departure methods to create your experience as easy as possible. Some websites available can provide you the most effective possibility of getting things right the very first time so make certain you spend some time to appear correctly.

Know your Terminal.

Another not too well-known problem when booking airport terminal parking is ensuring you will find the correct car park which serves the terminal you’re using. For instance if you’re searching for Aberdeen airport car parking then its particularly important because you will find five devices to select from. Make certain you look into the info on the car park and make certain the transfer bus would go to the right terminal. Are you able to imagine making the passenger bus only to discover it has had you to definitely the incorrect terminal !

So always browse the car park information cautiously, the greater websites available will invariably possess a &ldquoMore Information&rdquo button that you should click onto get every bit of important information.

Pre book On the internet and Save.

It&rsquos no exaggeration to express that by pre reserving online it can save you around 60% in comparison towards the gate cost. The gate cost may be the cost individual vehicle parks charges you you should you simply turn on your day to fit and pay. The majority of the major vehicle parks in the major international airports will invariably keep some parking spaces free for such situations, but be assured payable much more. For instance should you wanted Belfast airport car parking within the summer time several weeks for 2 days you can choose &ldquoAirparks&rdquo that is off airport terminal and pay £64.99 by pre reserving online, if however you simply switched on your day you’d pay £135.00, that&rsquos an incredible saving of £70.01. Another very generally used car park at Gatwick airport is “Summer Special North” which serves its northern border terminal, should you desired to make use of this car park for the similar period it might set you back £82.80 when pre reserved as apposed towards the arrive and pay cost of £121.50. So as you can tell the benefits of pre booking is extremely apparent and really worth doing.

What you know already that saving a lot money could be sufficient cause to pre book but there’s also another less known reason behind pre booking your airport terminal parking especially in the bigger international airports for example Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, Luton and Manchester. Whenever you pre book airport terminal parking you’re making certain that the parking space can be obtained for the vehicle in your given dates. It is a fact that vehicle parks do put aside some parking bays for those who do turn on your day however these can and get adopted particularly in the summer time several weeks. Are you able to imagine arriving in the car park and discovering that the car park is full, yes you could attempt another car park but let’s say you&rsquore running slightly late for instance or let’s say the following car park is even full.

Stay Overnight On or Close to the Airport terminal before you decide to Fly.

One of the greatest reasons for remaining inside a hotel on or near the airport terminal the evening before you decide to fly aside from beginning your holiday each day earlier, is you can seriously awaken your day of the departure a lot more relaxed and rejuvenated, your bags happen to be packed and also you&rsquore already in the airport terminal. Remaining inside a hotel is particularly helpful for those who have an extremely early flight time, imagine needing to attend the airport terminal for say 4 or 5 each morning, who would like to wake up at 2 or 3 after which drive everything way. For instance allows say you need to book car parking at Birmingham airport or need car parking at Durham Tees Airport in summer time for 2 days, for ON airport terminal parking this could set you back anything from £49 to £99 based on which car park you’re considering and OFF airport terminal parking can cost you anything from approximately. £37 to £88. Compare individuals parking only prices to some price of only £68 for any double room in the Cresta Court Hotel (3 star) that is approximately. 30 mins in the airport terminal that also includes two days parking in a secure car park near the airport terminal. You might pick the Crown Plaza Hotel (4 star) that is situated about the airport terminal itself with two days parking in the hotel for just £91.

Fun And Interesting Things About Melbourne

In terms of population, Melbourne is the second largest city in all of Australia and is situated around south east of Port Phillip Bay. It is also world’s one of the most livable cities (sorry Sydney!). It is also known as the Sporting and Cultural Capital of Australia. Sports and arts is in abundance and along with it the architecture, Victorian parks and gardens, extensive tram network and more – it is a fun city to spend a few days in! There are plenty of cheap flights to Melbourne that you take you to this jovial city and see for yourself! Below are mentioned some whacky facts about the city that you may or may not be aware of.

Before it was called Melbourne, it was actually called Batmania- no, not because of Batman and his Gotham city obsession but rather after one of the founding fathers John Batman.

Vegemite- the nations’; favorite toast spread is still manufactured here in Melbourne, at the Vegemite factory in Fishermen’s Bend near Port Melbourne.There are 480 hectares of parks and gardens in Melbourne – a greater proportion of open space than any other major city in the world!

A ‘dim sim’ or the ‘dimmy’ with soy sauce on a cold Melbourne day is just perfect – you have to try it. It is related to the authentic Asian dimsum: A Chinese chef residing in Melbourne came up with the idea of a dim sim.The Birdman Rally or the Moomba as is more commonly known is one of a kind festival. The Birdmen give a huge shout out before they leap over the Yarra River!

The car parking at the Queen Victoria markets is actually built on the site of Melbourne’s original cemetery. 900 named and celebrity graves were relocated in 1917, when the market was being extended. Some say that more than 9000 thousand souls remain below the car park.

Melbourne is the fox capital of the world! No, we are not kidding. There are 6 and 23 foxes per square kilometers in the urban area of the city. The city is packed with foodies with sophisticated palates. It houses more cafés and restaurants per capita than anywhere in the world. If a Melburnian is not cooking up a feast at home for family and friends, he is out dining and wining at a new eatery.

Public bathing was in practice in Melbourne! First the Yarra River, then a dip in the sea but that gradually affected public morals therefore in 1860, mixed sex and public bathing in daylight was prohibited. Now there are more than 1800 private bathing boxes and boat sheds all scattered around the bay – you have seen the colorful ones at Dendy Beach.

Melbourne is known for its culture vultures! What is that you ask- music, film, theare, opera, ballet, comedy, visual arts – you just name it; they have it. So once you are in the city, you will never get bored.The MCG had advertised not just once but more for return of their change rooms, which floated down the floodwaters! In 1846 the first ground were located further downriver at present day Southbank but was later moved. The reasons – Victoria’s first steam train track that kept flooding.The National Gallery of Victoria has the largest stained glass ceiling in the world.

There are more such fun facts about the city. But isn’t it better to get to know them right from the city itself? It is a great place for a short trip. Take flights to Melbourne according to your convenience and explore this magical city.

California Dreaming

I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in California over labor day. My fiance had to go for business and I tagged along, being a travel agent has some perks, I managed to get a great practically free airline ticket and we were even on the same flight.

OK what on earth is going on with the security in our airports??? The line to get through the security check point in Atlanta at 7am on a Friday morning was so incredibly long it took almost an hour and a half, REALLY?? Why do we have to remove our flip flops? My $9.00 Kmart flip flops had to be X-rayed, how ridiculous. I must say that out of all the airports that I have travelled through , the Atlanta airport is by far the worst for lines.

I don’t believe that it is because it is soooo busy, Chicago O’Hare and London Heathrow are all generally in a 3 way tie for that title and I have been to all three recently, Atlanta sucks.

Anyway, I digress, we flew into Ontario Airport, which was quite lovely, as we were going up the escalator we were greeted by Nascar signs…..needless to say Bruce, my fiance had sudden revelation that we must go see the race-Fantastic news. I will tell you about this a little later…..

We stayed in Irvine, lovely place I spent time by the pool, did I mention that it was the hottest weekend EVER in Irvine with tempratures of over 105 , the poor Californians were not used to this heat and they were all in a state of shock.

We did the touristy thing, went to see Beverly Hills , Belair, Rodeo Drive, the Chinese theater etc… It’s a good thing to do once, just to have a point of reference when you are reading the tabloids.

Driving down the coast was my favorite part, it is really interesting to see all the little beach towns and how each one is so different. Hermosa beach was our favorite for the laid back hippy atmosphere and then Laguna beach for its high life style rich houses and the expensive cars….must be nice eh?

Sunday was race day, 107 degrees in Fontana, the middle of nowhere, the track is in a valley surrounded by what looks like a bunch of trucking centers and factories. As we stepped out of our car the ground was so hot it literally scorched my legs, they had ambulances at the ready because people were passing out, I almost passed out myself, luckily we got there at 5 and the race started and the sun started to go down and it became a little more tolerable, or maybe the beer was making me hallucinate.

I got to see a car burst into flames which was pretty cool, for a race novice like me, the fun parts of the race experience don’t really include the rac. The fly over and the crashes and the skydivers, not to mention the people watching, which is first rate at any race.

Well that was my little weekend, nothing spectacular but fun non the less.

Bali – some tips from first time visitor

The best way to get good value is to book everything yourself.  I’ve made a few attempts to get a good deal via Flight Center and what they were offering was way too expensive. Then I started searched hotels and flights on Internet and after spending couple of nights in front of computer got us a pretty good deal. The biggest issue was to understand which hotel is good and which one is not. TripAdviser.com  was a real helper. Basically my rules for using this site are

  • Look if there are enough reviews. Small number if reviews means you can not get more or less complete understanding of how good this hotel is.
  • Reading good or bad review  try to turn on your common sense  to understand if it is  genuine. Some reviews are definitely fake. I suspect there is a lot of adverting bullshit on Trip Adviser but is still can be used as a tool to avoid really bad hotels.

For us the biggest mistake was not getting Indonesian visa in Australia. After your plane arrival you are facing a good one hour or so in a long queue inside not well air conditioned, crowded and noisy Denpasar airport. So get visa in Australia and your holiday start on Bali won’t be so disappointing.

We stayed in hotel Melia Benoa that claims to be 5 star though  I wouldn’t give them more than 4. It is located close to Nusa Dua (were all fancy 5-stars hotels are) but is not as expensive as hotels in Nusa Dua itself. Service was exceptional, food was good, beach could be better. Alcohol is extremely expensive!  Local wine is a disaster and for Australian you will pay around $40 for something that would normally costs under $10 in Dun Murphy. We managed to get a few bottles through custom which saved us probably couple of hundreds. at least local beer is alright.

The best way do not loose to much on currency exchange rate is to pay by credit card wherever it is safe to do so. Checking my bank statements after coming home I’ve discovered that exchange rate on all credit card purchases was much better than those I was getting when exchanging cache. Especially if you try to exchange money in the airport.

After couple of days having lunch and dinner in hotel  restaurants we discovered better and cheaper options outside. Just get a taxi (we paid $40 for half a day or $10 return to closest town) and enjoy cheap food , massages and shops. We were a bit cautious going to resturants outside hotel but I can tell you quality and service were really good.

Don’t forget to leave some Indonesian money when departing. They’ve got this ridiculous law when you need to pay for your exit from Indonesia.  Don’t remember how the stuff you pay for called but without it you can not board the plane. I had to run back through whole airport to ATM to get some money.

How to ask the photography permission in Japan

Before taking pictures in Japan , you’ll probably ask permission to do so. But do you know how? Here are some points and useful vocabularies for this situation.I’m happy to give you access to Japanese courses that may be useful during your trip there .  This lesson contains vocabulary but also useful tips for situations at all times , relative to the topic here .Interesting landscapes , buildings, cities and Japanese , while you’re in Japan , no matter where you go, there will always be times when you find yourself wanting to take your camera.

Some really helpful tips

On the one hand , the association between the Japanese and the camera is strong , so much so that the Japanese are often caricatured with their cameras around their necks , but the Japanese are really attentive to good manners and rules for personal information and privacy – something that you should keep in mind.

When you ‘re in a restaurant without prohibited photography banner , it is allowed to take pictures . But be limited to one or two pictures before starting your meal.

When you are on the train or in the public baths , it is better not to point your camera in the direction of individuals, it could cause problems of respect for the privacy of the latter.

The photos are often prohibited in temples and holy places. There are usually signs of the ban, but if there is not, it is best to check beforehand. It can be tolerated to insert a monk in the landscape, but they may not appreciate that the camera is pointed at them, there is no question of religious reasons, but bad manners .

Good  to know and how to say in Japaness

At a tourist attraction

You: すみません。ここは、写真はだいじょうぶですか。

Prononcication: Sumimasen. Kokowa shashin wa daijyoubu desuka?

Mean: (Excuse-me. can I take pictures here?)

Reply : はい、だいじょうぶですよ。/ここはダメですね。でも外はOKです。

Prononcication :Hai, daijyoubu desuyo./ Koko wa dame desune. Demo sooto wa OK desu.

Means: (Yes, this is OK. / It is not here, but outside is OK.)

- In the street

You: すみません。着物、きれいですね。写真をとってもいいですか。

Prononcication : Sumimasen. Kimono, kirei desune. Shashin o tottemo iidesuka?

Meaning: (Excuse-me. Your kimono is really beautiful. Can I take a picture?)

Person in kimono: ええ、どうぞ。/あ、いや、ちょっと。

Prononcication : Ee. douzo. / Ah, iya, chotto…

Meaning: (Yes, go ahead. / Hmm, that’s a little …)

Others Useful words

~は大丈夫ですか。Prononcication …wa daijyoubu desuka?  ( This ~  is OK?)

~てもいいですか。Prononcication …temo iidesuka?   (Can I ~?)

どうぞ。Prononcication  Douzo.   (go on)

ちょっと。Prononcication  Chotto… (It’s a bit … Not really.)

ダメ。Prononcication  Dame.   (That is prohibited.)

More useful vocabularies

禁止  – Prononcication: Kinshi   -prohibited

撮影禁止    – Prononcication: Satsueikinshi    –prohibited Photos

The Most Amazing Islands in the World

You have probably been wondering about the World’s most amazing Islands. Well, the following islands, which are among the grandest, greatest, mysterious and even the most remote, are the most amazing islands in the world.

Gunkanjima (Japan)

This island, which is also known as the forbidden (and Ghost) island is one of the 505 Nagasaki Prefecture islands that are uninhabited. It is approximately 15 kilometres away from Nagasaki. It was a coal mining facility from 1887 to 1974. The most notable features of this island are the sea wall that surrounds it and the concrete buildings that are abandoned. It is famous for the coalmines that it has and their operation when Japan was being industrialized.

Palm islands (Dubai)

These palm-shaped islands are man-made and they are the world’s largest artificial islands. A property developer namely, Nakheel properties, is constructing them. This developer engaged the services of Van Oord, who is a marine and dredging contractor and among the best land reclamation specialists in the world. These islands are The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel, and The Palm Jumeirah. The location of the islands is off the United Arab Emirates coast that is in the Persian Gulf. The city of Dubai will get an additional 520 km of beaches from them.

Sealand (Principality)

This Island, which is a micro nation and an island, is the smallest island in the world. Its location is on HM Fort Rough, which is a former Sea Fort in Maunsell that is situated in the North Sea. Fort Rough is six miles (10 km) off the Suffolk coast in England, in what many people consider territorial waters that use a radius of twelve nautical miles. Although some people cite Sealand in debates as a unique case study on how they can apply different principles of international law to territorial disputes, no country in the world recognizes its claims to legitimacy and sovereignty.

Easter Island (Chile)

This Island, which is a world heritage site, is in the Polynesian triangle. Although it is inhabited, it is among the most isolated in the world. It is located 1,290 miles (2,075 km) east of Pitcairn and 2,237 miles (3,600 km) west of Chile. It has become an island that is governed by the Chilean people and a National Park namely; Rapa Nui protects much of it. A small number of Polynesians were the first to settle on Easter Island and it is among the world’s youngest inhabited territories.
Maldives’ Islands

This Island, which is a paradisiac island nation that features 1,192 islets, is situated on the southern part of Lakshadweep islands that are in India. It is approximately 435 mi (700 kilometres) on the south -west part of Sri Lanka. It consists of twenty six atolls that feature the aforementioned islets and local communities inhabit approximately 200 of them.

Alcatraz Island (USA)

This Island is small and its location is in California on the San Francisco Bay. It is sometimes known as The Rock, which is its pop-culture name, or simply as Alcatraz in informal terms. It is nowadays a national recreation area after serving as a lighthouse, a federal prison, military prison and a military fortification.

The aforementioned islands are the most amazing in the world and you would probably want to visit one of them. If you choose to visit Alcatraz Island in the USA by road, please call the DVLA helpline beforehand for more information or advice in order to avoid any problems regarding the registration of your car.


Rent a car during your holiday in Tunisia

Bored of the stress and the rain? Do you dream of sun, waves and freedom ? It’s time you fly to Tunisia to recharge your batteries! many choose the the most conventional : find happiness in hotels ” all-inclusive “in the coast while some are daring opt for a discovery in the desert . To use a rental car during your holiday in Tunisia is a must if you want to visit with flexibility. The question that arises is: where to find a rental car ? There are many sites offering this kind of services…Check the list




These sites allows you to easily compare the offers of different providers and insurance offers in several options for a peaceful vacation . This is certainly a topic a little boring, but it is still advisable to take a few minutes to think about before you go to avoid any concern during your stay. Of course, the rental offer insurance that you can purchase , but they are extremely expensive. For this reason , it is recommended to take in advance the insurance according to your needs :

It covers a full refund of fees in case of accident or scratches. You are covered if the vehicle is stolen or if a door is broken . It does not cover your personal belongings .

Some tips to finish : check before you leave that you have your printed voucher ( good rental exchange against your car on site ) to identify and consider the agency on the map provided by these rental car sites . Recovering the car, the driver must make a deposit with a credit card . Always check the balance is enough! On site , please make a complete inventory of the vehicle and make sure the operation of lights, fluid levels , wipers and specify a scratch to the lessor . Learn about the practical arrangements for the return of the vehicle (think of the opening of the office hours) .

PS: When  to go to Tunisia

People often ask me about the weather in Tunisia wondering what is the best time to go. Even though we know that in Tunisia, it is more beautiful than Paris and London, it is not always easy to account for the differences in temperature between the two countries (and vice versa for me when I have to prepare my luggage for a stay in France!).So when from Tunisia?  What is the best time? Knowing that the weather is far from an exact science, here are some general benchmarks in the areas most frequently visited.

Tip or not Tip in Vietnam

When traveling in Vietnam , it is necessary to be informed in local customs so as not to make a mistake … including whether to give tips or not . In Viet Nam , tipping is not required or requested , it is a bit like in europe , you can give a tip for exceptional work and great service, but do not give systematically . If you give a tip , do not give too small either to big  tips. For information, here is some info about cost of living in Vietnam and  wages for Vietnamese :

- Minimum wage in Vietnam : 300/500 € per month in different cities / provinces

- Average Salary in Vietnam : 185 € per month

- Salary of a worker : 150 € per month

- Salary of a junior officer : 300 € per month

All this to say that, obviously, if you give a tip to the nice waitress in the restaurant , will be appreciated as the needs are important in Vietnam, and it will be used to perhaps fund  the studies fee for her daughter / son. Find out more advices in Tripadvisor

That said, too big tips can have negative effects. Indeed , wages in the tourism sector are already very high compared to other sectors in Vietnam, and more so if you give a lot of tips to the servers, the servers will ultimately be paid more than other workign hard too . But if you give a small tips, vietnamese people don’t apprecie alot and they give you back in laughing on you . Dont give too miser tip to a vietnamese because for them is like mercy for beggar so …

In short , do not give too big tips but consider to give a good amount to show your respect and your appreciation to the given satisfaited work . So what is the amount ? take your time to check some useful Vietnam travel guide and forum to find out the best replies

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

Known as the Pearl of the Far East and known as Saigon until 1975 , Ho Chi Minh city today  is a town that is more dynamic and stands out as being the first city  in Vietnam . Ho Chi Minh City has become a hub of the country’s economy , its population alone has 10 million people and traffic is so hectic that it is difficult to find their way . Geographically, the city is housed in the south , on the banks of the Saigon River , near the Mekong Delta.

There are in Ho Chi Minh City a special atmosphere , a spirit and vitality sometimes colored by the sepulchral voice of a sad colonial past which seems still not spoil by the mood . Crawling in the market stalls , the streets . Subjugating the architectural heritage has remained frozen in time , as evidenced by the Post Office, City Hall , the Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral , the Champs Elysees, the remains of the French colonization.

Other things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

The city tour will allow you to know the story. Discover an old neoclassical palace converted into a museum called the revolution. A little further , the Ho Chi Minh Museum . In search of spirituality , let yourself be guided to colonial center, which contains some pagodas in the mystical atmosphere . Another attraction in the area : A Muslim Mosque , nestled behind the Caravelle Hotel , originally built in the early twentieth century to the early Indian immigrants and inspired by the Mughal style .Fans of botanical can stroll the botanical and zoological garden which was founded by the French botanist JB Louis Pierre in 1865. The zoo is home to over 520 animals, while the botanical garden includes some 1830 plants and trees some of which are centuries old . On the edge of the Thi Nghe River, is the most visited by the inhabitants of Ho Chi Minh City who enjoy going there after sunset to enjoy listening to music or take part in activities and parades of mode, which are held in PArk

To travel to Vietnam or if you are delighted to live in this lovely country , “ Travel blog in Vietnam ” is definitely the website  that you need , with the smart tips to prepare everything in Vietnam from a simple trip to the expatriation of information on customs and habits Vietnamese , practical tips on employment , paperwork , housing, food, a few words in Vietnamese jabber and many others.

Climate in Ho Chi Minh City

The climate is sub-equatorial and you can get heavy rains with periods of rainy season. The hot season lasts from December to April and temperatures can easily be around 40 ° C. The rainy season lasts about4 months  from May to November

When to go to Ho Chi Minh City

The best time to stay in Ho Chi Minh City is during the dry and sunny season , that is to say, from December to April . It rains less in February. March and April are the hottest months of the year , with an average of 34 to 35 ° C. Fly to Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City is located in South Vietnam , the airport is served by most major Asian companies. Vietnam Airline currently operates four routes from Paris Agrandir le plan

Things to do in Geneva

Ranked third city ” the most livable in the world” by Mercer survey on quality of life, Geneva is modern and chic, with a lively cultural scene , a wide range of leisure and nightlife . With its long-standing reputation of tolerance and political neutrality , Geneva is an important international business , the headquarters of the World Health Organization and many other international bodies center. The general impression left by Geneva is found in the four official languages ​​spoken here , as well as in many others, spoken by its 1.2 million inhabitants. Also famous for its watch industry , unparalleled banking system and of course the delicious chocolate, this cosmopolitan city offers picturesque break in summer or winter, allowing the visitor to explore the beautiful scenery and activities that the region has to offer.

Other things to do in Geneva

With a multitude of activities and excursions , Lake Geneva is undoubtedly the first stop for tourists. During the summer, bustling with activity , with all kinds of water sports and beaches in abundance for sunbathing and swimming . It is also a starting point for the authentic and picturesque French villages , with the possibility of boat trips across the border.

Immerse yourself in the culture and art and visit one of the many museums and galleries in Geneva. Festivals abound during the summer months and many city parks are a great place to spend a few hours in the sun . Winter is the time skiing, go hiking on a glacier in the Alps, or just relax in the warmth of one of the cafes and bars of the city. Discover the different ski areas around Geneva. At 1:30 there for example, you can rent an apartment in Val Thorens and enjoy its many ski slopes open all winter.

The landscape of the city and its surroundings rivals some European cities , and account held numerous exploration opportunities, you are not likely to get bored in Geneva. For those looking for an active holiday , there is the possibility of hiking and mountain biking , and it can be an opportunity to match your travel with one of the marathons or triathlons that take place here . For a quieter stay, just rent a car and drive in the spectacle of the mountains.

Eat and Drink in Geneva

Geneva is probably the most cosmopolitan city in Switzerland and offers an amazing array of international gourmet cuisine. Being one of the most expensive cities in the country , a meal in a restaurant is not cheap. In the district of Pâquis , are the most elegant restaurants and upscale bars, but there are many ethnic restaurants around the station that will not let you rest .

Climate in Geneva

Winter in Geneva is mild, with temperatures around 0 , while in summer, the weather is pleasantly warm . Expect to have rain almost every month of the year and snow is not uncommon prendant the coldest months of the year .

When traveling to Geneva

The hot summer months of July and August are the best time to go to Geneva. However, to avoid the hordes of tourists visiting the city at this time of year , go in the spring and fall, when the streets are less crowded and when it is easier to find a hotel in Geneva. Winter is the perfect time to go to the ski resorts, and December attracts many visitors to the Festival Escalade .

Fly to Geneva

Most European airlines fly to Geneva International Airport , as well as some North American carriers . Of lowcost also fly to and from this airport , which is only 5 km from Geneva, with taxis , buses and trains to all the city center. You will find your flight to Geneva easily.

Overview of Rome

A city like no other , the long and illustrious history of Rome is only one of the factors of its enduring popularity with tourists from around the world . From its founding in 735 BC to its leading role in The Roman destinations Holidays , the Hollywood movie starring Audrey Hepburn , Rome has long fascinated artists , writers and all those who were lucky enough to visit . With enough to see and do for an entire year , and a romantic uncommun atmosphere  , Rome is the perfect getaway destination for people of all ages and interests .

Other things to do in Rome

Rome has a wealth of archaeological sites to satisfy even the most passionate . Do not miss the Pantheon is the best preserved Roman temple remains of antiquity, although Trajan’s Market are also very well preserved and offer a magnificent view of the historic center of the city.

Another unique perspective of Capitol Hill , where we see the Roman Forum and the Coliseum. Also on the hill are the Capitoline Museums , which house works such as Caravaggio , which are a must-see for art lovers. Go to the top of the coffee, which you can see the dome of St. Peter and have an amazing view of the Theatre of Marcellus.

Follow in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and go visit the strange ‘ Mouth of Truth ‘, which seems, grabs the hands of dishonest and climb the famous Spanish Steps for a breathtaking view of the city. Head to the Piazza Navona to see the works of local artists, and do not forget to visit one or two impressive churches of Rome. Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni in Laterano are two of the most interesting , while San Pietro in Chains houses the Moses of Michelangelo.

Eat and Drink in Rome

The Italians have a passion for their food and it shows in the many eateries that Rome has to offer. For breakfast , go to one of the many cafés for a cappuccino and a croissant sweet – the Roman . You’re never far from a restaurant , and many tables terraces where you can enjoy a slice of pizza or a plate of pasta and people watching , the best are on the other side of the river , in the Trastevere neighborhood.

During a sunny day , cool off by enjoying a delicious Italian ice from a glacier as the famous Giolitti , which has dozens of different flavors .

Climate in Rome

Rome has a pleasant Mediterranean climate which we enjoy most in spring and autumn , summer can be stifling . The rain during the summer , is generally limited to a few short and rare showers and conversely , may be continuous during the winter months.

When to go to Rome

Spring and fall are the best times to visit , the weather was milder city. It is better to avoid the month of August , as the heat pushes the Romans to escape their city and many shops are closed . The demand is high not forget your Rome hotel reservation as soon as possible .

Flying to Rome

Two airports in Rome , Fiumicino is the most convenient , being closest to the city and having a train every half hour to the main station in Rome, Termini . Ciampino airport is a little further and is mainly served by lowcost airlines is connected to the city by bus. Taxis and car rentals are readily available in both. So you can find your flight to Rome at all prices .